the spirit of pregnancy and birth

  1. I got so much confidence, relaxation, positive attitude and belief in myself from your class. 
    I feel excited to give birth now, exponentially more prepared and like I have the tools and resources now to continue to train my mind and body towards a beautiful, opening, surrendering, positive experience, and that I can trust my feelings and intuition.

  2. Yoga Birth has brought an assurance and ease to my pregnancy that I deeply craved and has been the antidote to my precious, ignorant, first-baby anxiety. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I recommend it and you all over the world wherever I go and talk to people about pregnancy and birth!     -S.L.

Our work stems from a belief that women possess a profound opportunity to impact the quality of humanity and elevate the consciousness of the world through the ways in which we grow, birth and raise children. The feminine is the matrix of creation. Out of the substance of her being, a woman participates in the great mystery of bringing a soul into life and has a tremendous opportunity to impact the quality of the life she brings forth through the care and consciousness she brings to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 

‚ÄčPregnancy and birth are a time of great becoming, for both mother and child. The period from conception through the first 1-3 years, with birth as a pivotal moment, establishes the blueprint for the quality of the life of the child. Everything the baby experiences imprints on his nervous system and unfolding consciousness and has the power to unlock great potential or stifle full expression of the life force.

empowering women.


Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are also opportunities for the spiritual growth of the mother - gifts that women are given for deep spiritual awakening. Women are reborn themselves as they birth their babies. Giving conscious birth, a woman goes deep within, beyond the physical body, to her very core where the energy that animates all of life exists. She undergoes a rite of passage that awakens great strength, love and resilience. She returns from this experience more aware and open, deeply connected, trusting of her inner wisdom - transformed in every way to embody the divine feminine and ready to hold the space for the unfolding of the life with which she has been entrusted. Each service we provide is humbly offered in the creative spirit of the divine feminine.

Labor Support
Informational, physical and emotional support before, during and after labor.

Childbirth Education
Learn how birth works and how to work with birth to set the stage for the best outcome.

Prenatal Yoga
Cultivate a healthy body and a strong mind, connect to your baby and to other moms!

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